Engineered to be adapted on rigid chassis ( 5 500 mm+/- 100 mm ), the Multilohr 2.00 range is a family of bodies & trailers intended to achieve loads of light vehicles and light utility vehicles with driving track going over the axles.

A pre-assembled body

The body is pre-fitted before assembly on a standard rigid chassis ( wheelbase of 5 500 mm +/- 100 mm ). Adaptation is fast and simple. Delivery of the convoy can be done in fast delivery time after receipt of the truck chassis into Lohr Duppigheim premises ( France ). Its modular concept allows a quick and easy body transfer and equipment addition during its life cycle.

A self sustaining frame

The trailer is build on a self sustaining frame chassis replacing the traditional middle beams.

This increase of volume offers to the user all flexibility in way to optimize the loads and remain in accordance to the different country road regulations.

An optimal way of loading

Body and trailers are quickly set to operation and requires few manipulations during loading and unloading procedures, reducing then the parking time. The optimized load disposition between body and trailer allows a high performing weight distribution.

Stackings are simple, few accessories are required and self locking cylinders hold them in position.

Available loading volume allows to increase the car carrier performances and to upgrade the loading-unloading process.

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