Engineered to be adapted on rigid chassis ( 5 500 mm+/- 100 mm ), the TALE 2.00 range is a family of bodies & trailers intended to achieve loads of caravans, campers, mobile home, and in addition to the loading of light vehicles and light utility vehicles.

An optimized convoy
The TALE 2.00 range is provided so as to optimize loading performances of caravans, campers, mobile home. In addition, it can transport light vehicles and light utility vehicles VUL in the cases of mixed lots, or to avoid empty trips in the case of specific transfer activity.

An optimal way of loading
Body and trailers are quickly set to operation and requires few manipulations during loading and unloading procedures, reducing then the parking time.

Stackings are simple, few accessories are required and self locking cylinders hold them in position.

Available loading volume allows to increase the car carrier performances and to upgrade the loading-unloading process.

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