Lohr Railway System

The LOHR Railway system is a road-railway system (piggyback) which is technologically safe and economical for the transportation of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network.

The Lohr railway wagon has been lowered and articulated and as a result allows for fast and safe transfer of semitrailers. This technology has made it possible to transfer more than half a million trucks from road to rail in the past 10 years, namely on the two rail motorways currently in service: the “Alpine” between Chambéry and Turin and the”Lorry-Rail” between Luxembourg and Perpignan. This has saved more than 300, 000 tons of CO².

This is a truly competitive and environmentally friendly solution thereby giving immediate operational capability which is complementary to road transport. The latter ensures a stable platform which is able to absorb high levels of traffic which currently saturates the European road and motorway network. It combines the flexibility of the road with the advantages of rail for medium and long distances

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The innovation is based on a simple idea: putting trucks on trains…

The LOHR UIC car allows standard 4-metre-high semi-trailers to be transported.

The LOHR system incorporates simple transfer terminals...

The LOHR Railway System has proved its reliability and performance in real working conditions…

Requirements in terms of road-rail transport are considerable…

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