Le Cristal sur l’asphalte

2017.06.20 - DNA (FR)

L’avenir des mobilités en milieu urbain est aux systèmes souples, modulables et non polluants. Telle est l’ambition du Cristal de Lohr, dont le premier exemplaire a fait sa sortie inaugurale ce lundi à Strasbourg.

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The economical electric axle

2016.10.18 – DNA (FR)

Yesterday, Lohr and Solaris with the CTS presented a prototype hybrid bus running on natural gas and electricity which has been operating for a few days now on line 15. The experiment will confirm (or not) a target to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 25%.

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Lohr and Strasbourg inaugurate a bus with its motor…in the wheel

2016.10.18 – Environnement Magazine (FR)

Since mid-October 2016, Strasbourg has been operating a bus which runs on natural gas and has a wheel motor. Dubbed Boreal and operated by the Compagnie des transports strasbourgeois (CTS) on a regular line, this bus is the result of a project by the manufacturer Lohr Industrie.

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Bas-Rhin. Lohr is testing an electric axle on buses

2016.10.18 – Le journal des Entreprises (FR)

The company based in Hangenbieten (Bas-Rhin) is trying out an electric axle on buses in Strasbourg. Dubbed Boreal, it should make it possible to reduce atmospheric pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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The CTS is testing the Lohr Industrie Boreal hybrid bus

2016.10.18 – L’Alsace (FR)

For nine months, the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) will be testing a bus fitted with electric motors in its wheels mounted on an axle manufactured at Duppigheim in order to confirm its energy and technical performances.

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