Maxilohr 2.00

The new Maxilohr product range is composed of several models dedicated to the transport of High and Heavy (H&H) vehicles, from the exclusive H&H efficient model to the most flexible, enabling mixed loads .

Ultimate solution dedicated to the High and Heavy requirements, the Maxilohr range offers a state-of-the art design providing great performance capabilities all within regulation constraints and a user friendly approach.

All decks were specificaly designed to enable flat drive-through along the carrier and optimized positioning of the loaded vehicle.

Maxilohr is fully equipped with Autolock hydraulic cylinders on the trailer providing a safe securing of the decks and a precise adjustment.

Increased payload and optimized weight distribution

In comparison with the current generation, the New Maxilohr range enables the use of a longer wheelbase chassis (6000mm) and significantly reduces the distance between the ball coupling device and the truck’s rear axle. As a result, the weight transfer on the coupling is very much improved. The overall weight of the Maxilohr was reduced through the usage of high tensile steel.

The New Maxilohr also offers an articulated rear deck portion on the trailer, which enables, once extended to reach a loaded length of 20.35m.

The New Maxilohr body can be fitted on truck chassis with 2-Axles or 2-Axles with a pusher. Using a long wheelbase truck-chassis is a benefit to load vehicles forward on some body models such as C1, C4 and C5.

The body versions C4 and C5 require to be fitted on a converted truck-chassis.

Benefits offered by the New Maxilohr

The New trailer with centrally mounted axles enables to increase the payload and improve the drive through access angles. A « half-moon » mounted on the drawbar guarantees a safe and smooth handling of the convoy while driving, regardless of the load.

A new front trailer stacking ramp made of two independant sections enables the imbrication of the loaded vehicle without the usage of any additional manual accessory such as ramps, wooden blocks….

The articulated rear part incorporates ergonomic loading rails.

The hydraulic system equipping the New Maxilohr is the latest evolution of the Autolock technology offered by the Lohr group.

The trailer is equipped with a Wabco EBS system offering as a standard both the Optiload function, which constantly optimizes the weight shift on the running gear and the Optiturn function to optimize the turning radius of the convoy.

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