Lohr Group

LOHR is a private French group established in Alsace near Strasbourg.
For more than 55 years it has been a global specialist in the design, manufacture and marketing of goods transport systems.

Today the LOHR Group has 1 350 members of staff throughout the world, a development centre with more than 120 engineers and technicians, and factories in Turkey, Serbia, India, United States and Mexico.

LOHR consolidates its position as world leader on the car transporter vehicle market, develops its innovative piggyback activity and promotes projects for the benefit of sustainable mobility.

The Group has several core businesses:

  • Lohr Automotive: A world leader in car-transporter vehicles offering a combination of reliability, performance and longevity.
  • Lohr Railway System: Piggyback reference technology with Lohr UIC wagons for the safe, economical transport of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network.
  • New Mobilities: department focusing on public transport and urban mobility solutions which are cleaner, quieter and more connected.

Lohr Service: These departments are supported by a technical support network and an after-sales service which is present and available worldwide.

World leader in the car-transporter market. Tens of thousands vehicle transporters running across the world…

LOHR Automotive, is ‘‘THE’’ subsidiary of Lohr Group, whose areas of responsibility include all the activities related to the sale and marketing of vehicle-transporters. As a result of this, Lohr is able to optimize its support towards the needs and requirements of its customers in terms of automotive logistics in various areas such as: New and used vehicle sales, Technical assistance and consulting, Users training, Load training (on site or in house)…

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The LOHR Railway system is a road-railway system (piggyback) which is technologically safe and economical for the transportation of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network...

The Lohr railway wagon has been lowered and articulated and as a result allows for fast and safe transfer of semitrailers. This technology has made it possible to transfer more than half a million trucks from road to rail in the past 10 years, namely on the two rail motorways currently in service: the "Alpine" between Chambéry and Turin and the "Lorry-Rail" between Luxembourg and Perpignan. This has saved more than 300, 000 tons of CO²...

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Within the spectrum of our group’s historic activities and its successes in the field of transport, Cristal represents a new step towards the mobility of the future.

The Cristal system is part of the full complementarity of forms of “mass” public transport (such as the underground, trams and buses), and ensures that the “last mile” is served.

Cristal is a vehicle that is both compact and roomy: it is equivalent in size to a city car, and can carry up to…

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A network of over 230 professionals at your service throughout Europe.

  • Consultation and downloading of product documentation (spare parts catalogs, technical and maintenance documentation)
  • Spare parts ordering service and price inquiries
  • General information about LOHR Service and its network of car-carrier service stations (names and localization)

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the main theme connecting human, environmental and social issues, for ever greater sustainable performance.

For LOHR, under an overall presence on 3 continents, CSR comes within the worldwide framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations in 2015.

LOHR’s CSR arises from innovation, and our innovations nurture our CSR.

Our CSR approach is based on three themes driven by this momentum: establishing the fundamentals that constitute the Group while promoting the spirit of conquest, continuing to act as a pioneer and keeping a leading position, and finally, consolidating the operational performance of LOHR.

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