2021.01.11 – Point éco Alsace (FR)

The LOHR Group, the European leader in car transporters and pioneer of rolling motorways, is also making a name for itself in the promising sector of new mobilities. Cristal, its new model of modular electric urban shuttle, is looking to conquer local authorities convinced by these local transport services to strengthen their public transport networks. After several experimentation phases, Cristal will be deployed in four towns during the first half of 2021, Avignon, Orange, Ajaccio and Saverne. The company is also staying local for the development and manufacture of Cristal.

“Almost 70% of our suppliers are within a 100-kilometre radius. This is a strategic choice for two reasons: better stock rotation, which we can replenish faster, and greater responsiveness from our suppliers when they are close to our plants. Whether it be welding, machining, tooling or packaging, we can find the best know-how and skills here in our region. This regional co-construction approach, supporting local development and creating new jobs that cannot be relocated, is a process adapted to the local resources and needs which we apply globally to all our activities. The circular economy really is central to our development model.”

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