The Lohr UIC Wagons

The LOHR UIC wagon makes it possible to transport standard 4 m high road semi-trailers on the main European lines with a minimum gauge of UIC GB1 without any modification to the existing infrastructure.


The 3rd generation LOHR UIC wagon is suitable for existing railway infrastructures and standard road equipment. It has benefitted from significant improvements and innovations to enable it to travel on all the freight corridors in the European Network, due to the TEN (Trans-European Network) marking.

Wagon architecture

Wagon designed for the transport of standard semi-trailers:

  • Extra low floor: 10 to 20 cm from the rail
  • Standard bogies and wheels
  • Double articulated wagons with 2 pockets on 3 bogies


A simple wagon :
no engine or cylinders embarked on the wagon. Rotation of the pocket performed by ground equipment at the terminal.


"At an angle" opening of wagon pockets

Types of wagon

The 3 types of LOHR UIC wagon

  • LOHR UIC 1 end wagon


  • LOHR UIC 2 intermediate wagon


  • LOHR UIC 3 individual wagon


Types of load

LOHR Railway System can transport all possible types of load:

  • Semi-trailers alone (unaccompanied transport)
  • Complete trucks, tractor and semi-trailer (accompanied transport)
  • Intermodal Transport Unit (container, swap body, etc.)

camion porteur
car carrier


semi-remorque citerne
semi-trailer tanker



tracteurs routiers
road tractor


Gauge performance

  • Gauge performance for the LOHR UIC wagon in France: with a loading floor at a maximum height of 225 mm in relation to the rail, the LOHR UIC wagon enables standard 4 m high semi-trailers to be transported on the AFM 423 (GB1 + 3 cm) gauge without exceeding the low UIC gauge
  • Gauge performance for the LOHR UIC wagon in Switzerland: The LOHR UIC wagon is the only wagon enabling 4 m semi-trailers to be transported on the gauge of the current Gothard line
  • Gauge performance for the LOHR UIC wagon in Europe: the LOHR UIC wagon enables standard 4 m high semi-trailers to be transported on P390-coded lines, standard 4.10 m high semi-trailers on P400-coded lines and standard 4.20 m high semi-trailers on P410-coded lines.


Compatibility with Combined Transport Terminals

LOHR UIC wagons have been designed to enable the vertical loading of cranable semi-trailers on a Combined Transport terminal


Reliability and low maintenance costs

  • Proven operation in severe weather conditions (heatwave, snow)
  • Proven operation in difficult operating conditions, especially on the Alpine rail motorway. Each train makes 4 to 5 journeys a day on a difficult mountain line (steep gradients, low radius curves and counter-curves)

Technical characteristics

Technical data for LOHR UIC wagons:

Wagon type Extremity wagon Intermediate wagon Individual wagon
Coupling type end 1 Standard coupling with buffers Coupling bar Standard coupling with buffers
Coupling type end 2 Coupling bar Coupling bar Standard coupling with buffers
Total length 33,87 m 32,94 m 34,80 m
Unloaded weight 41,7 t 40,7 t 42,7 t
Payload 75,3 t 76,3 t 77,3 t
Maximum load per semi-trailer 38 t
Minimum turning radius 135 m
Low gauge UIC 505-1 - GIC2 (EN 15273-1)
Maximum floor height compared with the rail 225 mm
Min-max height of the semi-trailer kingpin 870 - 1170 mm

Gauge performance for LOHR UIC wagons:

Semi-trailer width 2,55 m (Cargo) 2,60 m (Refrigerated)
Maximum height at the top corner of empty semi-trailer on Modalohr (road height incorporating a reduction of at least 6 cm when pneumatic suspensions are deflated)
On UIC GB1 gauge line (France, Italy, ...) 4,03 m 4,02 m
On AFM423 gauge line (France) 4,05 m 4,04 m
On EBV02 gauge line (Saint-Gothard, Switzerland) 4,06 m 4,03 m
On P390 codified line (Italy ...) 4,06 m 4,06 m
On P400 gauge line (Germany, Austria...) 4,16 m 4,16 m
On P410 gauge line (Germany, Austria...) 4,26 m 4,26 m

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