This 100% electric vehicle operates as a twin-use system: individual (self-service mode) and public (shuttle mode)

As cristal offers the option of being used as a public or private vehicle, offering a raft of services, it is a new way of sharing mobility, making journeys easier and ensuring optimum use of the vehicle.

This 100% electric vehicle is both compact and roomy, reducing its urban footprint while offering a large interior volume. Cristal provides 100% accessibility for people with reduced mobility and can accommodate up to 20 standing persons in shuttle mode.

Designed with public transport in mind, the cristal system is part of the full complementarity of forms of “mass” public transport (such as the underground, trams and buses), and ensures that the “last mile” is served.

It is innovative because it provides an integral offer. It is connected, shared, clean, and run by the same operator as the whole of the existing public transport network.

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  Cristal by LOHR

« Within the spectrum of our group’s historic activities and its successes in the field of transport, cristal represents a new step towards the mobility of the future.»

Robert LOHR - Chairman of the Lohr Group

Self-service mode

  • Capacity : max of 5 people (including the driver). Maximum speed : 70km/h
  • Vehicle driven by a user with an ordinary driving licence
  • User pre-registered with the system operator to check fleet availability and book a vehicle,
  • dashboard access by the user, simple and self-explanatory,
  • free route: vehicle taken and returned to a station by the user,
  • vehicle fleet continually reorganised between stations depending on requirements through the shuttle mode
Cristal Libre Service

Shuttle mode

Cristal Mode Navette
  • Capacity : max of 82 people. Maximum speed : 40km/h
  • 2 to 4 vehicles coupled together,
  • Professional driver employed by the operator
  • one single driver in the first vehicle,
  • passengers cannot access the dashboards
  • Answers a planned travel requirement, at a particular time and for a specific duration,

Cristal Cabin

Cristal Mode Navette

Permanent adaptation of the transport capacity to requirements

Elimination of the driver's position replaced by a "U" shaped seating area

Cristal Mode Navette

Unit increase in transport capacity

Cristal Mode Navette

Operation in shuttle mode only

Cristal Mode Navette
  • Cristal cabins all remain motorised, braked and steered.
  • Permanent flexibility in transport capacity according to demand: 1 to 4 vehicle shuttle
  • cristal cabin is designed for local authorities facing considerable fluctuation in transport demand or integration constraints.


Cristal Eco

Cristal economic’

In shuttle mode the stations are permanently reorganised, with cristal vehicles rearranged according to requirements. Dual use allows the vehicles to be used more efficiently.

Cristal Numerical

Cristal numeric’

Information and reservations in real time by Smartphone to facilitate the use for users and the operator.

Cristal by Electric

Cristal electric’

  • Quiet and 100% electric vehicle,
  • zero CO2 and GHG emissions.

Social aspects

Comfortable, secure and fully accessible for people with reduced mobility


  • Automated coupling system following a single-lane trajectory,
  • safety: no spaces between each shuttle module,
  • on-board battery has enough power to run all day.
  • Slope : 18%
  • Range : 120 km
Cristal car model

Turning diameter

Cristal car model

In self-service mode
5.2 m

Cristal car model

In shuttle mode
7.6 to 8 m

Cristal car model
Cristal car model

Digital performances

Complete system incorporating a digital brick to facilitate use for both users and the operator.

Performance guaranteed thanks to the digital brick for:

  • Self-service use
  • Optimisation of use in shuttle mode
  • Car-share mode