New Mobilities

Cristal, 100% electric, economical and connected

cristal by Lohr

Cristal is designed to offer the operators a flexible public transport mobility solution.

100% electric, Cristal offers an easy-to-use & comfortable shared mobility experience, accessible to all, everywhere.

Designed with a «public transport» approach, the Cristal system offers a plurality of uses: serving the first and last kilometers, replacing buses on existing lines or transport on demand.

A new way of shared mobility

Cristal is shared, clean, connected, flexible and run by the same operator as the whole of the current public transport network.

The fact that it provides such an integral offer shows even more how distinguished and innovative it is.

Technical performances

  • Automated hitching system following a single-lane trajectory,
  • Safety: no spaces between each shuttle module,
  • On-board battery has enough power to run all day,
  • Max incline: 20%,
  • Range: 100 km,
  • Fast charging time: 100% in 90 min, 50% in 30 min,
  • Speed: Solo mode: 50 km/h / Shuttle mode: 40 km/h,
  • Automatic electric ramp for PRM access.

Flexibility performances

  • Hitching: Hitching and unhooking operation in less than a minute.


  • Modularity:

Solo mode =

16 people

Shuttle mode =

32 people

48 people

64 people

The benefits

With its range of Cristal and i-Cristal vehicles, Lohr satisfies the mobility needs of local communities, with or without a driver. These transport solutions can be used in new 100% Cristal or i-Cristal lines or supplement existing networks by offering multiple uses: public transport or on-demand services. Designed and developed for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions, Cristal and i-Cristal are complementary to mass transit systems and can be operated intermodally.

Lohr New Mobilities Brochure - GB