New Mobilities

Within the spectrum of our group’s historic activities and its successes in the field of transport, Cristal represents a new step towards the innovative mobility of tomorrow: cleaner, quieter and more efficient.

New Mobilities department is a major player in innovative, 100% electric, modular and connected mobility solutions (Cristal driven shuttles and Cristalya autonomous shuttles).

Cristal, 100% electric, modular and connected

cristal by Lohr

Cristal is designed to offer the operators a modular public transport mobility solution.

100% electric, Cristal offers an easy-to-use & comfortable shared mobility experience, accessible to all, everywhere. Designed with a «public transport» approach in mind, the Cristal system has a variety of uses as a linking shuttle service, or replacing buses on pre-existing lines.

A new way of shared mobility

Cristal solution constantly adapts to the number of passengers (1 to 4 shuttles coupled).

This complete offer underlines its unique and highly innovative character.


  • Automated mechanics hitching system allowing a single-lane trajectory and a small turning radius,
  • Safety: limited space between each shuttle module,
  • On-board battery has enough power to run all day,
  • Fast charging time: 100% in 2h 30min, 50% in 1h,
  • Max incline: 20%,
  • Range: from 120 km to 170 km,
  • Max speed: 50 km/h,
  • Automatic ramp for easy access for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and Users in Wheelchairs (UFR).


  • Hitching: Coupling and uncoupling operation in less than two minutes.


  • Modularity:

Solo mode =

13 passengers

Convoy mode =

26 passengers

39 passengers

52 passengers

The benefits

With its range of Cristal (driven shuttles) and Cristalya (autonomous shuttles) vehicles, Lohr meets the mobility needs of local communities, with or without a driver. These transport solutions can be used in new 100% Cristal or Cristalya lines or supplement existing networks by offering multiple uses: public transport or on-demand services. Designed and developed for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions, Cristal and Cristalya are complementary to mass transit systems and can be operated intermodally.