New Mobilities

100% electric, eco-friendly and sustainable

cristal by Lohr

Cristal is designed to offer the operators a flexible public transport mobility solution.

100% electric, Cristal offers an easy-to-use & comfortable shared mobility experience, accessible to all, everywhere.

Cristal was conceived to be fully complementary to current forms of public transport (such as the underground, trams and buses), and mainly covers the first and last miles of your journey.

A new way of shared mobility

Cristal is shared, clean, connected, flexible and run by the same operator as the whole of the current public transport network.

As a twin-use system, Cristal operates for different public transport and on-demand transport uses.

The fact that it provides such an integral offer shows even more how distinguished and innovative it is.


Technical performances

  • Automated coupling system following a single-lane trajectory, • safety: no spaces between each shuttle module,
  • on-board battery has enough power to run all day,
  • max incline: 20%,
  • range: 120 km,
  • full charging time: 90 min (50% in 30min),
  • speed: Solo mode: 70km/h / Shuttle mode: 40 km/h.

Flexibility performances

The benefits

Within the spectrum of our group’s historic activities and its successes in the field of transport, Cristal represents a new step towards the mobility of the future.

Lohr New Mobilities Brochure - FR