Bus Operated Range with Electric Axle Lohr

Boreal is a complete low floor electric axle able to satisfy requirements for bus retrofits or original equipment. The innovation of this axle lies in its motor: housed inside the wheel it has no reduction gear, is silent and has a power of 100 kW (200 kW for the entire axle).


From all-diesel to all-electric

  • Wheel motor of 100 kW,
  • for retrofit or first installation on urban electric or internal-combustion engine buses,
  • complete system: electric axle with 2 wheel motors and its dedicated electric equipments,
  • « plug and play » integration,
  • for the hybridisation of an 18 m articulated bus, or the full electrification of a 12 m bus, as well as lorries,
    garbage skips, car carriers, etc.



Benefits of a solution "without reduction"

  • Better electric motor efficiency,
  • energy consumption reduction of around 25%,
  • less noise,
  • better interior habitability,
  • 20% less on-board traction batteries.


First steps with the CTS

Boreal is equipping an 18 m hybrid bus belonging to Strasbourg public transport company (CTS) which will be in commercial operation from 2016.


Technical characteristics

  • Motor installed in the wheel (22.5» rim),
  • no reduction: no maintenance, no noise,
  • synchronous motor with permanent magnets,
  • liquid cooling,
  • Nmax = 485 rpm,
  • max torque = 6500Nm,
  • Pmax = 100kW (200kW per axle),
  • load : 6.1t / wheel, with tyre 455/45 R 22.5.


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Boreal Brochure