The port has acquired an extraordinary asset with its intermodal railway terminal

2015.10.23 - Nord Littoral (FR)

The intermodal railway terminal was inaugurated yesterday. Two trains carrying forty trailers will arrive and depart at Calais each day, 160 lorries per day, 6 days a week! “It’s fantastic!” exclaimed Daniel Percheron. The President of the Region (the owner of the port) is thrilled with what he saw. The port’s intermodal railway terminal was inaugurated yesterday and is due to come into service on 12th January 2016...

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A satisfactory assessment

2012.04.11 - Le Républicain Lorrain (FR)

This article from the Républicain Lorrain of 11 April 2012 recalls the benefits of the ....

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A new railway standard

2012.02.24 - Ville, Rail & Transports (FR)

A revolution is underway in the world of rail transport. Since January 2012, trains 850 m long have been authorised to run on the French network. These longer trains can therefore take more lorries in the case of combined rail-road transport and thus reduce the number on our roads.

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