An automatic shuttle called i-Cristal

11.09.2018 - L’Est Républicain

On Monday 10 September 2018, the Lower Rhine manufacturer Lohr and the mobility operator Transdev presented the fruit of their joint project, the autonomous electric vehicle, “i-Cristal”. Two road tests were announced for the end of the year.

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Viia starts up on Calais-Orbassano

2018.07.03 – Rail Passion (FR)

The Viia Calais – Orbassano rolling motorway will start up in September 2018 with an experimental phase lasting until December. In January 2019, the train will be increased to 21 double LOHR UIC wagons and will be split into two from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Orbassano.

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The Cristal becomes autonomous

2018.06.15 – Ville, Rail & Transports (FR)

LOHR’s Cristal is now in the industrialisation phase and it will be possible to start placing orders at the end of 2018. The vehicle is expected to be approved by then.

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