The Cristal becomes autonomous

2018.06.15 – Ville, Rail & Transports (FR)

LOHR’s Cristal is now in the industrialisation phase and it will be possible to start placing orders at the end of 2018. The vehicle is expected to be approved by then.

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Cristal is back in Paris!

2018.05.16 - Press release (FR)

The industrial group LOHR is present at the new edition of the Transports Publics European Mobility Exhibition from 12th to 14th June 2018.

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An electric minibus in local circulation

2017.12.06 - Spiegel (DE)

Spiegel Online refers to Cristal, a specific coupling system allowing several vehicles to be coupled together, thus creating a shuttle. Cristal can be used as public transport or as individual self-service vehicles.

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LOHR: Innovator in sustainable mobility

2017.11.14 - pointecoalsace (FR)

The world leader in car transporter vehicles and a specialist in road-rail combined transport, this flagship industrial company based in Hangenbieten in Alsace is now taking up the challenge of sustainable urban mobility.

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