2019.05.16 – Пресс-релиз (GB)

The industrial group LOHR and SAF-HOLLAND have sealed a technological and commercial partnership for the development of AXEAL – “AXle Electric Assist Lohr” – a hybridisation system for trailers or semi-trailers.

SAF-HOLLAND and LOHR have been working together for over 20 years.

The two groups have pooled their respective knowhow to bring to market a system providing power assist during acceleration and regenerative braking:

  • LOHR for its recognised experience in the development of electromobility solutions for buses and urban shuttles, and as a designer of car transporters,
  • SAF-HOLLAND for its recognised experience in the development of trailer axles.

This industrial complementarity and shared vision has led to the cooperation contract signed today.

The LOHR group is transferring the distribution rights for AXEAL to SAF-HOLLAND which will be able to offer it to all its customers (excluding car transporters). The SAF- HOLLAND group designed, tested and tested the mechanical part of AXEAL on which the electric motor and its control-command system is mounted.

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The Managing Directors of the Lohr Group and SAF Holland shake hands after signing a partnership.
Mr Fity, Managing Director of Lohr Group, presents the Axeal electric axle to the SAF Holland group delegation.


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