2016.09.21-29 – Press release (GB)

Salon IAA Hanovre

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2016 product range

Safety, versatility and outstanding performance

LOHR Automotives offers and expands its range of products which combines all the latest innovations, and meets in broadest possible way the needs, of different fields of vehicle transport activity.

EUROLOHR: First-ever fully detachable articulated car-transporter, Eurolohr remains the universal solution enabling a transport company to optimize both productivity and profitability through:

EUROLOHR 200 – 300: A broader range with a new body and trailer:

MULTILOHR/CHR Range: Providing a “traditional” solution for all requirements of mixed loads. Perfect link between light and heavy vehicles transportation

MAXILOHR Range: Dedicated to all types of heavy vehicles transportation, new trailers, extended modularity

SRTC Range: a brand new range of semi-trailers dedicated to High and Heavy transport

SHR Confidential Range: new trailer for fully enclosed transport with hydraulic liftable roof and hatch

And all technical solutions to your logistics needs of transport vehicles: caravans, campers, wreckages urban distribution (solo 3, 4 or 5 cars) …